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ACID Maniac CD

ACID Maniac CD

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Author: Acid
Origin: Belgium
Label: Giant Recs
Year: 2009
Dimensions: 12 x 14 cm.
Weight: 50 gr.
Metal Genre: Heavy, Speed Metal

Product Description

Already in 1983 the Belgians of ACID released their second epos “Maniac”. Even then the record was only for the absolute freaks, which has gotten even worse despite the re-release. Want to say that not many Metallers will still know the name of ACID.
The old-school-fans will count this CD among the absolute jewels of the glorious Eighties and indulging themselves how great that time had been. Younger fans won’t even have a smile for this very simple music. Where are the pathetic nursery-rhyme-choruses, where the triggered drums? And there is a chick singing, but doesn’t have an operatic voice or a heavenly one! Her vocals are rather unspectacular, but still she had a great voice, the good Kate. She also didn’t squeeze into a horny leather-corsage or pushed up her tits! Rather looked like a guy! Rather dull for a new Metalian!

Musically they just go straight ahead without and frills, speedy, snotty songs without any bombast or ballast. This album is a classic and as vinyl still a much sought-after rarity. Just like the great first album “Acid” with a great skull-cover. Songs like “Max Overload”, “Lucifera” or “Prince Of Hell And Fire” still bring me nice goosebumps to my shoulder and bring a big smile to my face. Can’t do without!

Includes bonus “Black Car” Ep bonus track!!

1. Max Overload
2. Maniac
3. Black Car
4. America
5. Lucifera
6. No Time
7. Prince of Hell And Fire
8. Bottoms Up
9. Drop Dead
10. The Day You Die
11. Exterminator


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